Originally created 11/27/01

Suggests government regulation of American Red Cross

Americans in general are very giving. We come to the rescue of anyone in need no matter where they may be from.

In the recent tragic events of the Sept. 11 attacks, thousands were killed and their families left behind with their sorrows and needs. We did raise funds to assist them right away.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were donated to the American Red Cross, an organization we have believed and trusted for decades with their mission to assist the needy. A couple of months have gone by, and those in need are still waiting and have not seen a cent from all those millions donated by the American people.

As a consequence, local non-profit organizations have not received donations because Americans have poured their hearts and money into this other worthy cause. Now, those on the East Coast as well as the rest of the country will continue to be in need while this organization is sitting on all those millions, trying to figure out how to distribute them.

Is this an American thing to do? Dr. Bernadine Healy seems to be the only one who understands that all the money collected for Sept. 11 was and is for those victims and their families, not for anything else, and she has resigned.

What is it going to take for the government or a regulatory committee to do something about this? I believe the American Red Cross officials need to show humanistic, charitable ways - as the American people have done.

Maria M. Rakman, Augusta


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