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Nov. 27, 1934

Augusta's much disputed special mayor's election yesterday reached the courts when Judge R.N. Hardeman of the Toombs Circuit received a mandamus petition from F. Frederick Kennedy and ordered the clerk of the city council to show cause before him on Dec. 7 why Mr. Kennedy should not be declared mayor of Augusta.

In his petition, Mr. Kennedy contends he is the only one of four candidates legally qualified. His opponents, however, disagree and say they might also seek court intervention.

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Here are some tips for putting your teen-ager behind the wheel of an automobile:

Sit down with your teen and lay out conditions for getting and keeping a car.

Have your teen research makes and models. Check reviews, what's available and prices. Good starting points are wwww.cars.com; www.edmunds.com; www.kellybluebook.com; and www.consumerreports.com.

Pick a car that scores well on safety tests. Consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, www.nhtsa.gov.

Get a car with air bags.

Get a car without a high-performance engine.

Go to a dealer or car lot or check want ads to shop around. Involve your teen.

Find a compromise between a total beater and a flashy car.

Pick a medium-size car if possible.

Check gas mileage, odometer and reliability of your finalists.

Call your insurance agent and get quotes for your finalists.

Make sure your teen has plenty of practice in the car you buy or lease.

Teach your child how to maintain the car, the location of the quickie oil change place and how to call AAA.

Teach your child that reckless driving not only endangers passengers but also can cause the car to wear out more quickly and can get a young driver's car keys taken away.

Limit the number of passengers your child can take in the car.

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The Augusta-Richmond County Fire Rescue will be testing hydrants in each battalion in Augusta-Richmond County. Battalions will be in the poster areas through this Friday.

Battalion 1

From 6th Street to 12th Street, from Telfair Street to Walton Way.

From 6th Street to 12th Street, from Ellis Street to Green Street.

Battalion 2

Boy Scout Road (500 block), Walters Court, Hackle Street, Magnolia Street (2700 block), Wheeler Road (2700-2900 block), One Mill Place, Willow Creek Subdivision, Wrightsboro Road (2800 to 3200 block), Augusta State Complex (Wrightsboro Road), Summerchase Subdivision, Valley Park Subdivision, Damascus Road (3000-3100 block), and the uptown VA Hospital Complex. Area of Highway 1 to Wheeless Road to Milledgeville Road to Golden Camp Road back to Highway 1.

Battalion 3

Between Wheeless Road to Gordon Highway, Deans Bridge Road to Richmond Hill Road and back to Wheeless Road.

Battalion 4

All roads lying within Windsor Spring Road, Travis Road, Peach Orchard Road, and Plantation Road. Tobacco Road between Peach Orchard Road and Windsor Spring Road, and those streets that run off the north side of Tobacco Road.



Aiken County Board of Education, 7 p.m., District Office, Brookhaven Drive.


Augusta Human Relations Commission, 3:30 p.m., New South Building, 360 Bay St., fourth floor conference room


Richmond County Land Bank Authority, 2 p.m., Municipal Building, eighth floor committee room, 530 Greene St.


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