Originally created 11/06/01

'Rock Star' rocks the house

Fame, fortune and groupies - just a few characteristics of life as a rock star, and Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) gets to experience them.

Rock Star is loosely based on the story of "Ripper" Owens, who replaced Rob Halford as lead singer of the heavy-metal band Judas Priest in 1996. Like Mr. Owens - who went from office-supply salesman to center stage - Cole journeys from a nobody to a somebody in Rock Star.

As an obsessed fan of the heavy-metal band Steel Dragon, Cole pays tribute by fronting Blood Pollution, a cover band managed by Chris's girlfriend Emily (Jennifer Aniston). Pollution's dead-on renditions wow people from all over, including the members of Dragon. When Dragon front-man Bobby Beers is unexpectedly fired - in an uncanny resemblance to Chris's departure from Pollution - Chris is asked to replace him.

Chris skyrockets to stardom. He goes from the wannabe to the got-to-be. People across the globe idolize Chris and his band Steel Dragon - everyone except himself. Things seem to be going great, but Chris faces problems such as disrespect from his band mates and a faltering relationship with Emily.

On this wild ride, both Mr. Wahlberg and Ms. Aniston display a broad range of acting talent and prove they're more than just sex idols. Ms. Anniston is exceptional as the girlfriend torn between commitment and self-respect.

With songs from Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, the movie's sure to make you want to grow your hair long, cut holes in your jeans and get caught up in the life of a Rock Star.

Teen board member Chelsey Willis, 16, is a junior at Lincoln County High School.


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