Originally created 11/06/01

Cast your ballot

It's a disconcerting thought that during Tuesday's municipal election just a small fraction of voters will decide the makeup of the various commissions that are being decided around the Central Savannah River Area.

The rest will shrug off going to the polls for any number of reasons - mainly because of that age-old chronic condition: apathy.

Others won't vote because the events subsequent to Sept. 11 have distracted them from local issues, and they don't feel prepared to make an informed decision - yet another unforeseen consequence of terrorism.

One Augusta incumbent - Augusta Commissioner Willie Mays of District 9 - has no opposition, but there are four other races in which voters have a distinct choice. Our choices for the Augusta races are indicated in the endorsement box on this page.

Vote your conscience or, if you haven't paid attention to the races, consider our recommendations, but go to the polls and vote. It's the patriotic thing to do.

We endorse (in the Nov. 6 Richmond Co. elections.):

Marshal of the Civil Court: Steve Smith

Augusta Commission

District 1: Lee M. Beard

District 3: Stephen Shepard

District 5: Charles Grant

District 7: Tommy Boyles

Special Local Option Sales Tax: Yes


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