Originally created 11/06/01

Postal workers in the front lines

The Oct. 23 Chronicle reported two mail workers died of anthrax.

Our postal workers do a very good job and are taken for granted. People like to complain about rising stamp prices. The fact is costs increase (i.e., fuel, etc.).

Compare this percentage of increase to the rise in medical and drug costs... We get mail six days a week. The large system is in place, and it does work. Why break it up and sell it? Our postal service runs on revenues, not federal allocations.

Remember California's energy deregulation fiasco? Many don't realize the importance of our mail to our prosperity. United Parcel Service, Airborne, etc., must be vigilant and appreciated as well.

The Pony Express and early air mail routes were dangerous professions. Postal workers and shipping employees are now on the front lines of our fight for our way of life.

The next time you go to the post office or someone brings a package to your door, tell them "thank you" and that you appreciate a job well done.

Tim McCoy, Hephzibah, Ga.


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