Originally created 11/06/01

Dissatisfied with TV war coverage

I am dismayed and angered at some of the reporting by the electronic media since the Sept. 11 tragedies. Every evening the scare-mongers trot out the latest ratings-grabbing story about another unfortunate person who has a positive nasal swab for anthrax.

Are the media unaware of the panic they create? Evidently not, because they broadcast stories of panic and buying of Cipro. ... Does the media point out just as loudly that the anthrax attacks have been largely ineffective, that the average American has a greater chance of being hit by lightning than infected with Anthrax? No. They go on to incite further panic by suggesting that America might be hit next with smallpox, something most epidemiologists suggest is highly unlikely.

The media continue to break security at airports and glowingly report how easy it was to gain access to aircraft. Special forces troops are barely off the ground and heading for a covert Afghan mission when the media splash the news all over the tube. I'm sure the Taliban and al-Qaida are chortling into their beards at how foolish Americans are to advertise our weakness. ...

By broadcasting our weaknesses, by inciting panic and by disclosing military information, some members of the media are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Whose side are you folks on, anyway?

L.E. Mike Daniels, Augusta


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