Originally created 11/06/01

Wants Marci Wilhelmi statue built

I will try not to use many two-syllable words so I will not confuse critics of Marci Wilhelmi, Augusta Aviation Commission chairperson.

Her critics are Augusta's biggest problem. They criticize or condemn and don't get involved. By their faultfinding, they discourage other residents from getting involved for fear of ridicule. Is it any wonder why so few people are willing to serve in any city capacity at all?

The West was not won - it was built by expanding the railroad. The lifeblood of any community's growth is affordable, dependable transportation (i.e., competitive air service). Common sense says that no major corporation will consider relocating to a city that does not offer access to the world.

Ms. Wilhelmi is in the game and is trying to make something good happen for Augusta. What are you doing to help?

"Get involved" is my challenge to her critics - or shut up. We should erect a statue of Ms. Wilhelmi for putting up with people like The Chronicle's editorial writers. Whoever is behind The Chronicle's editorials does not know the facts or see the big picture.

Woody Merry, Augusta


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