Originally created 11/05/01

Husbands of models for Still Magnolias calendar pathetic

The most pathetic participants in Aiken's Still Magnolias' calendar debate are the husbands of the so-called "models." Defending the naked pictures of their wives in the newspaper is something so extraordinary and bizarre that few words can adequately describe the phenomenon.

Among the citizenry-at-large, how many husbands would like to see their wives published in the nude? Few hands are raised, because few men want their wives on display. This is for a variety of reasons including jealousy, the fear of infidelity, Christian morality and just plain old fashioned love and respect for their mates.

One would also think the husbands would be embarrassed for their wives' sake. After all, the giggles and nervous laughter around town is due largely - putting it nicely - to the quality of the photographs.

The calendar clearly achieved its goal of being shocking, but few are laughing with the women - most are laughing at them. The calendars may very well sell out. I hope this is adequate compensation for the women whose reputations have been irreparably shattered.

The only plausible conclusion is that there is a segment in our society that is utterly shameless and devoid of common sense. Thankfully this segment is small, since I personally know no one who would be proud to see any family member exposed to such ridicule.

Richard Posey, Aiken, S.C.

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