Originally created 11/05/01

Bush not to blame for attacks

Vernon Johnson's Oct. 24 letter is silly and disingenuous. By his own admission, the embassy bombings and attack on the USS Cole occurred on then-President Clinton's watch, but nothing was done. Now, he wants to blame President Bush for these terrorist attacks.

President Bush doesn't even have his own personnel in place and is forced to use leftover bureaucrats from Clinton's administration. Why? Because the Democratic-controlled Senate refuses to hold hearings on his nominations.

Also, Mr. Johnson's shortsightedness is common to most left-wing Democrats. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would resist having a ballistic missile shield for protection from future threats, as it is well documented that China has targeted for nuclear attack highly populated cities in the United States.

Of course, no nation is completely free from violence - especially ours. We are an open society; we even allow nitwits to express themselves in public forums.

Floyd Brown, Evans, Ga.


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