Offbeat left-hander gets call for Yankee Stadium start

Native of Evans catches for W.

Yankees hope Clemens stops Arizona momentum

Yankees 2, Diamondbacks 1

Clemens comes through for Yankees

Whose idea was daylight-saving time anyway?

Satellite service lets boaters surf

Business briefs

Tech job plan gets support from leaders

Government posts $127 billion surplus for fiscal 2001

Index of consumer confidence plunges to 7 1/2 -year low

Midweek glance

Season far from over for Dogs, Gamecocks

College football notebook

Paine College gears up for season

Coble realizes goal with win

Midweek glance

Jackets still hoping for championship season

Durant to start against Jackets

Financial uncertainly as tour heads into next TV contract

Golf notebook

Only the drama is missing

Prep football notebook

South Carolina prep football poll

NHL's leading scorer left off All-Star ballot

Lemieux undergoes surgery

Two straight victories pull Thrashers back into contention

Lynx road report

Gailbraith gets first two goals of pro career

ECHL rivalries

Coalition opposes health, social service cuts

Harvest worries crabbers

News You Can Use

N. Augusta plans Wal-Mart center

Court will decide creditor claims

Towns will share administrator


Housing chief talks settlement

Pick of the Patch

Georgia expert discusses attacks

Commissioners get advice on security

Around town

Across South Carolina

Business-friendly zoning pondered

Facility hopes for new name

Subscriber of the day

Ghost story materializes at Harlem jail

Signal Corps Show


A slippery slope

Subscriber of the day

Task force studies Columbia County vote

Across Georgia

Across the area

Jury debated in Sonic case

Across the area

Around town

Across Georgia

News You Can Use

Henderson placed on injured list

Hawks juggle lineup: Glover in, Kukoc out

Jordan returns to the court with mixed results

Steelers 34, Titans 7

Panthers still support struggling Weinke

Chandler eager to get Martin back

Augusta Georgia: Augusta Lynx:ECHL rivalries 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Commissioners get advice on security 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Airport slowly recovers 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Pick of the Patch 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:News You Can Use 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:N. Augusta plans Wal-Mart center 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Your style 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:News You Can Use 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Meth is blamed for fire at hotel 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Thomson man puts bite into Halloween 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Around town 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Baseball:Native of Evans catches for W. 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Court will decide creditor claims 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Police search Grovetown site for fire suspect 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Other Sports:Augusta Prep runners put motivational tools to work 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Augusta's housing director resigns 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Signal Corps Show 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Technology:Delta introduces planes with enhanced security 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Around town 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Subscriber of the day 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Other Sports:Director considers new host cities 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Artist's corner 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Romance blooms in 'Serendipity' 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Xtreme calendar 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Halloween still fun for those in high school 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:New Hope reinstates director 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:'ANThology' rocks the farm 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Subscriber of the day 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:School of the week 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:A slippery slope 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Augusta Chronicle Sports Columnist David Westin:Coble realizes goal with win 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Other Sports:Local competitors appreciate home advantages 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Business:OSHA changes rules 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: College Basketball:Paine College gears up for season 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Business:Augusta Mall receives face-lift for Christmas 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Ghost story materializes at Harlem jail 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:'Oz' fan pays tribute to 1939 movie 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:Candy corn is sweet piece of history 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:My pad 10/30/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:In the know 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:Cuban cookin' 10/31/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:Spooky structure 10/30/01

Mr. Eddie ONeal

Mrs. Leona Creech

Mrs. Veronica Bohning

Mrs. Easter Moorer

Mr. Howard Johnson

Mr. William Stephens

Mr. Dorson Trueblood

Mr. Jay Williams

Mr. Lindsey Yeomans

Ms. Jeanette Williamson

Mrs. Nancy Suber

Mrs. Reina Calhoun

Mr. Herbert Owens

Mr. Jack Wright

Mr. Ben Outler

Mr. John Courtney

Mrs. Dorris Chavous

Mrs. Joyce Cumberledge

Mr. Jack Wright

Mrs. Veronica Bohning

Mr. Aubrey Eubanks

Mrs. Betty Blose

Mr. Andrew Jenifer

Mr. Joseph Armstrong Jr.

Mrs. Barbara Johnson

Mrs. Alberta Birt

Mrs. Lois Larisey

Mr. Gordon Crews Jr.

Mrs. Hilda Glass

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Mr. Willie Butler

Mrs. Grace Andrews

Mr. Dollie Hancock

Mrs. Eleanor DAntignac

Mr. Frank Britting Sr.

Mrs. Mary Hutchison

Mr. Horace Smalley

Mrs. Nancy Suber

Ms. Kristie Vermillion

Mr. Loyd Barnes

Mr. John Luke

Miss Kimberly Tolbert

Mrs. Joyce Cumberledge

Mr. Christopher Bey

Mr. Mack Stewart

Mr. Jose Munoz

Mr. John Luke

Dismantle HUD

Comparing terrorists, doctor-killers

How to calm children's fears

Are Falwell, Robertson right?

Jerry Brigham a good commissioner

Commissioner misses meetings

Kooks hit Clinton

ACLU demonstrates courage, patriotism with lawsuits

No more masses

Commissioner serves with distinction

Congresswoman McKinney called victim of 'witch trial'

Halloween precautions

Wants input from residents of Columbia County


Local competitors appreciate home advantages

NASCAR to meet with teams to discuss aero rules

U.S. 2nd in women's team qualifying

Director considers new host cities


'Oz' fan pays tribute to 1939 movie

Age old question

Cuban cookin'

Sangiovese, zinfandel soar from reborn winery

Spooky structure

Candy corn is sweet piece of history

Small portions

Hunt for bin Laden might end at Halloween parties

Midweek glance

Gause suspended after assault arrest

Artist's corner

School of the week

'ANThology' rocks the farm

My pad

Xtreme poll

Advice line

Movie predictable, but still good

On screen

Your style

Romance blooms in 'Serendipity'

New Napster on hold until next year

Goose is season's 1st case

Governor keeps up SRS fight

Federal officials struggle in response to anthrax attacks

DNA fingers repeat criminal as possible 1982 killer

Researchers use contest records to study changing climate

Conference begins work on global warming treaty

Were anthrax samples home-grown or imported?

For structural engineer, answers rise from rubble of trade center

Pentagon unveils smart cards for personnel

Still no cure for the wintertime blues

SRS releases security details