Originally created 10/27/01

Asks better pension plan for heroes

In light of what's been going on the past month and a half, I say to all police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel that I feel ashamed that we, residents of Augusta, have not fought very hard to give you men and women a really good pension plan like those of the city commissioners.

The commission does absolutely nothing but cost me and every other hard-working taxpayer in this city a lot of money. You people of the emergency services contribute a hell of a lot more than those idiots.

People of this city, it is time we show how much we appreciate the police, firefighters and EMS personnel by giving them something to have for their future instead of giving those in the marble palace added security.

Do you see the commissioners responding to all of those anthrax calls? No. So why are they getting a better way of life? They should be last in line. Even Mayor Bob Young.

And while I am on the subject, did Mayor Young ask those two commissioners who he took to New York to stay outside in the heat all day and collect money for him to make that political move? No. So why didn't he let any firefighters go?

True, he took two chiefs, but come on. Mayor Young and those other two commissioners didn't do a darn thing.

If the mayor wants to redeem himself, he could give these wonderful emergency service personnel raises and a really good pension plan. He and his cronies have it, so why can't they share a little?

Steve Simmons, Martinez, Ga.

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