Originally created 10/27/01

Uncharacteristic ladies hurt Aiken

I am proud to be a native of Aiken, but I am appalled at the few older residents there who think it's appropriate to pose nude for a calendar if the benefits are going to support a charitable organization.

These leaders of our community are sending a message of moral decay to our young people. They are saying that women dressed in stunning and beautiful clothing will not sell, so let's sell sex and nudity.

You can say this project was tastefully done, but nudity is nudity. Not only am I disappointed with the women who posed for the calendar, but also with the businesses that support the project. It is a sad day in Aiken when such an idea is portrayed as moral and in good taste.

The citizens of Aiken need to let these ladies and their business sponsors know that we do not appreciate this image for our city. For a city of character, this is very much out of character.

Jewell Padgett, Aiken, S.C.

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