Originally created 10/27/01

It was Augusta's mayor who got the ANIC ball rolling

The Chronicle's recent Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. article left out the fact that Mayor Bob Young was the primary initiator of the project. The mayor campaigned on rebuilding the inner city and ANIC came out of his promise to address urban blight.

The Chronicle reported July 20, 1999, that the mayor announced the creation of the project. Again, just nine days later, the newspaper stated, "Mayor Bob Young's new housing agency is already drawing fire" from some city commissioners.

Thank goodness the mayor succeeded in fighting through the city commission to achieve initial Housing and Urban Development funding for ANIC.

While state Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, deserves credit for securing state funding for ANIC and for working with the mayor and Augusta Tomorrow to re-charter a defunct non-profit entity into ANIC, the primary credit goes to Mr. Young.

Pressing on with his promise to the people, Mr. Young took the concept to the Mayor's Institute on City Design at Tulane University for design assistance and the snowball rolled bigger from that point.

ANIC is an outstanding community project and many involved deserve praise, foremost among those is Mr. Young.

J. Douglas Herman Sr., Augusta


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