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Cage fights set for Saturday

Beware Augusta, Reality Super Fighting is here, and it brought The Beast.

Fighter Dan "The Beast" Severn will be featured in the main event of Saturday's New Blood Conflict II at Bell Auditorium against Forrest Griffin, who is undefeated in his native Georgia.

"It's as real as a street fight, just inside a cage," said Jamie Levine, president of Reality Sports Inc. "When these guys get hit, they're going to bleed. If you sit close enough, you will hear everything that happens."

The matches take place in a 30-foot-by-30-foot caged octagonal ring and consist of three, four minute rounds. While adding to the drama of a fight, the cage also serves to contain fighters and prevent them from falling into the audience.

A fighter wins if his opponent concedes the match or is unable to continue because of fatigue or injury. A match also can be won by knockout or technical knockout.

Each fighter, competing in weight classes from flyweight to super heavyweight, gets one minute of rest between rounds.

Unlike the World Wrestling Federation, all matches are real.

"There is no scripting and no predetermined outcomes," Levine said. "(WWF) is an act, and this is nothing close to it. After they fight, they look like a train wreck."

If the fighters are deadlocked, the referee will issue one warning. If the deadlock lasts longer than 30 seconds, both fighters will be returned to a standing position.

"Basically the rule is ensuring the fans that they will see the most action possible," Levine said.

Takedowns, kicks and elbow strikes are legal, unless they are made directly to the spinal column. Rules prohibit eye gouging, biting, headbutts, groin strikes and unsportsmanlike conduct. The rules are designed to maximize the action without compromising the safety of the participants.

New Blood Conflict II will feature two title bouts, with Din "The Dominator" Thomas defending his RSF Lightweight championship against Jason Bender. Jason Dixson will take on Wade Rome for the WEF Super Heavyweight title.

Two Augustans will be on the card: Jack "The Ripper" Nilsson will fight Kevin Brooks, and Mike "The Rhino" Farrow will face Stew Halsemyer.

Tickets are $15, and doors will open at 6 p.m., with preliminary fights scheduled to start at 6:30.

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