Originally created 10/26/01

Those right-to-lifers got it right

Dr. Alan Roberts (in his Oct. 17 letter to The Chronicle) is absolutely justified in his anger at the parents who killed their 3-month-old child, but it seems his emotional turmoil has caused him to spew irrational assessments of "right-to-lifers."

Dr. Roberts condemns pro-lifers as complicit with, if not responsible for, the culture shift that generated young, uneducated, single parents and unmarried couples with children and the misfortune that commonly follows in their lives.

If Dr. Roberts doesn't hear lamentations and protestations from pro-lifers every time such heinous acts occur, it's probably because pro-lifers are too busy helping those who find themselves in such difficult situations and are trying to prevent chaotic outcomes by following moral principles rather than further degrading American culture with misguided solutions.

Dr. Roberts should also consider that such crimes are not a surprise to pro-lifers, who long ago predicted abortion would degrade respect for human life and would be only the beginning of the moral decay of our culture.

Ralph W. Buchanan, M.D., Augusta


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