Originally created 10/26/01

Errors riddled Islam documentary

I was disappointed with CNN's documentary on Islam which aired Oct. 14. It contained many inaccuracies, some of which I'll clarify.

First, women's rights were implied but not specified. A woman's right of inheritance is one half that of a man's. A woman's testimony before the court is worth only half that of a man's. If two men aren't available, one man and two women may be used as witnesses so if one of the women forgets or makes a mistake, the other woman can refresh her memory.

Second, the meaning of Jihad is not struggle but to fight, battle, the holy war against the infidels, as a religious duty (see Hans Wehr's Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic - Arabic/English, pg. 142).

Third, Koran is not tolerant of other religions. Chapter 9:29 is incorrectly translated by Yusuf Ali in that the Arabic word Qatiloo doesn't mean fight (offensively or defensively). It actually means to kill, slay, murder, assassinate (see Wehr's dictionary, pg. 742).

Islam doesn't mean peace; it means submission, resignation, reconciliation to the will of Allah (see Wehr's Dictionary, pg. 426). By the way, Allah is not the Jehovah God of the people of the book (Jews and Christians).

The Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic - Arabic/English that I cited for definitions of Arabic words is used throughout the Mideast by Arabic Mutarjimeen/interpreters and translators and is highly valued for its correctness and faithfulness to the nuances of the Arabic language.

I wish I could say the same for Yusuf Ali's translation of the Koran.

Roger Eden, Grovetown, Ga.

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