Originally created 10/26/01

Don't change foreign policy

Michael Ledo's Oct. 3 letter, "U.S. must change foreign policy", is false. Yasser Arafat's Palestinians shelled northern Israel, and Israel invaded to stop the Palestinians.

During this time, Christian phalanges entered the refugee camp and slaughtered hundreds because they wanted revenge. The Palestinian refugees had killed hundreds of phalanges and their leader... Not one bullet was fired by Israeli soldiers. Not one Israeli soldier entered the camp.

Mr. Ledo is ignorant about the facts or else he is a racist. There is not one Muslim democracy in the world. Israel is not the problem. Muslims do not like us.

They celebrated the World Trade Center towers' destruction. They hate our freedom and despise the Christian values upon which this country was settled.

Lucky for us, the Muslims were defeated at the Battle of Tours in Spain.

Maxie Bolgla, Augusta


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