Originally created 10/18/01

Comments on area sports news

Regarding three different topics:

First, the Oct. 5 letter from Eric Parker, "Lucy Laney coach clarifies 'dumb' statement": Every high school football coach in America and the Lucy Laney players knew what the coach was saying, but he felt a letter of apology was necessary. The sports reporter should have said, "Coach, is this really what you want to say?" But he let it ride when he knew of the possible repercussions. Why not just let the man be himself and coach - not write letters explaining himself?

Second, regarding Georgia football coach, Mark Richt: Brad Scott left Florida State to become the head coach at the University of South Carolina with the same great credentials as Mr. Richt. After Scott left, Florida State continued to win as in the past, but Mr. Richt's departure left Florida State with a big void (ex., North Carolina 41, Florida State 9 - you decide).

Last, how refreshing it is to finally have a knowledgeable, articulate, professional sports writer in Larry Williams. He is very effective because he is smart and does his homework. He is in the same class with legendary sports writer, Bob Wynn (1950-60).

Harvie Hogan, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is a sports director at WAGT-TV 26 in Augusta.)


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