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NAME: Mistletoe State Park

WHAT: State park known as one of the finest bass fishing areas in the nation. During the summer, guests can cool down at the swimming beach or on eight miles of shaded nature trails. Canoes and boats can be rented. The park has fully equipped cottages on Thurmond Lake.

The campground is situated on an small peninsula, offering spectacular views of both sunrise and sunset over the water.

HISTORY: Park is named for Mistletoe Junction, nearby area where people used to gather mistletoe during the holidays.

WHERE: Columbia County. Located off Georgia Highway 150, 7.9 miles north of Interstate 20.

INFORMATION: Mistletoe State Park - 3723 Mistletoe Road, Appling, GA, 30802, Phone: 706-541-0321


Oct. 18, 1951

A $3 million city-county building to replace City Hall and the obsolete Richmond county courthouse was approved by a gathering of city and county officials with two members of the Richmond legislative delegation.

Of course, such a tremendous undertaking will need a sound financing plan that won't dig into the taxpayers' pockets, officials said.

So here is what they propose. They want to issue revenue in anticipation certificates in the amount needed.

County commissioner Herbert Elliott was named permanent chairman of the project, and he asked Mayor W.D. Jennings and Commission Chairman Paul Bowers to have the city and county attorney meet with the legislators to "start the ball rolling."


Are you eccentric?

David Weeks, the author of Eccentrics: A New Study of Sanity, says if you have 10 of these 15 characteristics, you probably are.

The first five are the most important.

1. Nonconforming.

2. Creative.

3. Strongly curious.

4. Idealistic; wants to make the world better.

5. Happily obsessed with a hobby.

6. Aware from childhood you are different.

7. Intelligent.

8. Opinionated, outspoken.

9. Noncompetitive; doesn't need society's reinforcement.

10. Unusual in living and eating habits.

11. Not interested in company of others.

12. Possessed of mischievous sense of humor.

13. Single.

14. An eldest or only child.

15. A bad speller.

States With The Most Eccentrics?

1. California.

2. Colorado.

3. Minnesota.

4. Texas.

5. New Mexico.

6. Oklahoma.

7. Utah.

8. Arizona.

9. Montana.

10. Florida/ Alaska. (tie)

- Source: David Weeks


People in top positions of authority generally are authorized and expected to fulfill five basic functions.

They're expected to provide clear direction. In a gorilla society, that means finding the water hole. If you don't find the water hole, if you don't meat people's expectations, you risk losing your authority.

You are expected to protect the band from predators, from threat. If you can't protect the organization from a reduction in revenue, or from competition, people wonder why they hired you.

You're supposed to control conflict, and keep people from breaking apart because of their internal rivalries, competitions and disputes.

You're supposed to maintain norms.

And you're supposed to orient people, keep people oriented to their place and their role, their job.

- Harvard professor Ronald Heifetz, author of Leadership Without Easy Answers.


October is the month so named because it was the eighth month of the old roman year, and octo means eight. The Anglo-Saxons called it Winterfylleth, which is even worse than last month's Gerstmonath. Poetical people call October the Month of Falling Leaves.


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