Originally created 10/17/01

Cynthia the traitor

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., is exhibit A for the "moral equivalency" faction that blames America for the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

The U.S. representative from District 4 sent a letter to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal this week, apologizing for the fact that New York Mayor Guiliani turned down the prince's $10 million donation to the city; the mayor refused to take the money because it came with the unmistakable inference that America got what was coming to it because of its Middle East policies.

Then McKinney, ingratiating herself by repeatedly calling the prince, "Your Royal Highness," put her hand out to beg for that $10 million for "Black America." Not just any Americans, mind you, but blacks, who she singled out as also the victims of this terrible country we call the United States.

To her, blacks are the only disadvantaged people in the nation.

Kissing the hem of his robes, McKinney described at great length how awful conditions are for blacks in her homeland, detailing how often they are arrested and how many of them are homeless. She said she is "ashamed" of her home city of Atlanta.

News flash: The country isn't perfect, Ms. McKinney. But it's the finest country in the history of the world, more willing than any present or past nations to look at its imperfections and strive to correct them.

There is no question that our policies toward the Middle East are complicated and imperfect, Ms. McKinney. But to suggest that our support of Israel has made us deserving of this attack is traitorous.

Our nation's relationships with all of the countries in the Middle East and Africa are difficult. Many of these countries - and Saudi Arabia is one of the worst - routinely flog, amputate, execute and occasionally crucify political and religious prisoners.

For McKinney to obsequiously tell of our shortcomings to "Your Royal Highness" and at the same time ask for welfare from a nation that sanctions torture is beyond unconscionable - it's a betrayal of America.

McKinney, who is transparently using the blood of innocent Americans to further her political standing with her African-American constituents, is the Jane Fonda of our time. May she be held in equal contempt.


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