Originally created 10/17/01

Xtreme race article stirs trouble

Regarding the Oct. 9 Xtreme: stuff for teens cover story, writer Alisa DeMao knows little about people.

As a senior citizen having most of my social life at church functions, family reunions and a few other meetings, I believe it is human nature for people to look for people they know, people they like to talk to, or maybe people they want to get to know for selfish reasons.

According to how I have seen visitors or newcomers treated at most eating meetings (and most churches score very low in friendliness), the problem has nothing at all to do with race, color or age. People, in general, always prefer to eat and visit with their friends at any social event.

I suspect a lot of it has to do with not having to put out the effort "to get acquainted" with someone you don't already know.

Ms. DeMao's article is just trying to stir up trouble. Seems to me the blacks shown in the photographs on the same page also prefer to eat with people they know best.

Sarah Brown, Augusta

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