Originally created 10/17/01

Bigots equate Islam with terror

Sukumar Banerjee began his letter to the editor of Oct. 2 by saying Islam cannot be equated with terrorism, then proceeded to do just that.

Equating Muslim communities across America with Osama bin Laden is like equating Christian communities with Timothy McVeigh. Only a bigot who doesn't see Muslims as Americans could hold such beliefs.

Banerjee went a step further and assumed Islamic communities have ties to terrorists and should "expose" them. Muslims across the world were shocked and appalled by the events of Sept. 11 and were quick to join the U.S. in mourning. He assumes all Muslims are foreigners and were lucky to have made it to the U.S.

This is a bizarre form of bigotry coming from someone named Sukumar Banerjee. bin Laden and those involved with him are nothing more than violent reactionaries using the Islamic faith as a crutch to justify their actions.

Passing judgment on more than one fifth of the world's population because of bin Laden's terrorist acts displays a general lack of knowledge and profuse ignorance.

Tariq Fischer, Martinez, Ga.


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