Originally created 10/17/01

Urges tolerance of Dixie banner

The Chronicle's Sept. 21 editorial urged those who cherish the Confederate battle flag to "quietly put it away." This is disappointing.

While the president urges all Americans to display the national colors of red, white and blue, The Chronicle urges some to put their colors away. Have you not noticed that all Confederate flags are composed of red, white and blue?

And while the president urges us "not to rush to judge our fellow Americans," you question the patriotism of those who fly a Confederate-American flag, albeit of another historical era.

The president urges "tolerance" and yet you urge intolerance and question the hearts of your fellow Americans. You are clearly looking too deeply if you see anti-American sentiment in something that is red, white and blue.

In this time of crisis, we do not need to be questioning the motives of our fellow Americans this way. This is the time to unite and accept our differences. You often preach tolerance. Now is the time to follow your own advice.

Tony Thompson, Metter, Ga.


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