Originally created 10/17/01

Student's account is disheartening

I was disheartened to read high school student Elizabeth Giddens' account of what took place at some of our schools on the morning of Sept. 11, (Xtreme section, Sept. 18).

I was in high school during the Vietnam era and our slogan was, "Don't trust anyone over 30." Many of us vowed that once we became adults, we would always try to keep the lines of trust and communication open with the younger generation.

I guess some of us have failed to remember what it was like being in high school when our desire to learn the truth about important matters from people we trusted was at its highest level.

Our schools congratulate themselves when they become 100 percent linked to the Internet so that students can research events that took place years ago, but then these same people pull the plug on learning when an event equally or even more significant in their lives happens before their very eyes. I am not referring to elementary or middle schools, but to high schools.

With all the emphasis on SAT scores, some educators lost sight of the real purpose of schools and education. ...

Randy Sprague, Martinez, Ga.

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