Originally created 10/09/01

Racial separation unintentional

Segregation is still an issue among teen-agers today, but not to the extent it was years ago.

Instead of separate water fountains or different schools for blacks and whites, today's teen-agers face a divide in the lunchroom every day. The black table, the white table and the "other table" are common at area high schools.

Some may say it's terrible that our generation has the opportunity to be close and in contact with people of another race but that we ignore that opportunity. Others would say that, because the situation isn't hurting anyone or causing chaos, everything is fine.

Most people say the separation is unintentional. Many don't mean to stay away from blacks or whites - perhaps people of the same race have more common interests. Most people say they just have nothing in common with people of another race, or they've known their same-race friends since they were younger because their parents know them.

We do have to remember that we are basically used to being around the same race when our families usually consist of one race. So, is not hanging out with other races our parents' fault?

Probably not.

If spending little time with other races doesn't bother you, you shouldn't care, right? Though it's not really acknowledged unless it's pointed out, most teens know separation exists. As long as we respect one another and are tolerant, things should be OK.

Is it sad that we have this separation between blacks and whites?

You be the judge.

Teen board member Chidum Uzochukwu is a junior at Westside High School.


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