Originally created 10/09/01

Flag waver blasts 'dimwitted' critic of patriotism

Regarding Herbert A. Edney IV's Oct. 2 letter, "Flag wavers are fair-weather Americans," let me explain something to this writer.

First, I don't need his permission to fly my American flag from my home. I also don't need his permission as to when to fly the flag or, for that matter, do I need to clear it with Mr. Edney as to why I fly my American flag.

Further, I especially don't need him to qualify my patriotism to my country. How, when, where or why I fly the stars and stripes is my business - not his.

Further, people like Mr. Edney have no sense of shame. What makes him such a disgrace to himself and our community is that he chose to make his callous and dim-witted remarks in the wake of the worst terrorist attack this country has ever seen.

Then again, it's people like Mr. Edney who thrive on the misery of others and apparently get their jollies when they can say or do something so obnoxious as to engender a reaction from normal people.

Usually, I ignore goofy diatribes by goofy people, but this writer legitimized a response. Mr. Edney should be thankful for his right to free speech in this country because outside of Great Britain, most countries may have found his remarks reason enough to imprison or even shoot him.

Questioning the motives of those who display their patriotism at this time by calling them names is childish and beneath contempt.

So, if Mr. Edney so objects to my flag waving, I will be happy to show him a brand new way to fly his.

Frank Murphy, Aiken, S.C.


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