Originally created 10/09/01

Indifference imperils freedom

My heart is heavy with what I read of our college and university students, ("Youths' interest in military varies," Sept. 22 Chronicle). It is heavy but not surprised that they do not want to fight. It is true, I realize, that a few do not represent them all.

... One student says. "I don't care for this president that much." This is not about who is president, be he Republican or Democrat. It's about our freedom.

Another said, "I don't think I would stop going to school." It is possible that without our freedom, there will not be schools as they know them.

Another says, "I don't believe violence is the way to handle things. I also think we need to look at the reasons why this happened." Please be aware if we, as a nation, continue to allow these terrorists attacks, we will be taken over by foreign states.

None of these children understand what this could mean for our liberties. Our way of life has been violated, and we must once again fight for our beliefs and principles and not become subject to the rule or control of these terrorists.

Marilyn L. Borsik, Evans, Ga.

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