Originally created 10/09/01

Lady's arrest justified

It appears The Chronicle and the North Augusta Police Department are not aware of all the facts in the arrest of the 78-year-old lady at Hamrick's. Although I know the arresting officer, I haven't spoken to her. But I did speak with someone else with the NAPD and heard a version completely at odds with the one reported in The Chronicle.

The officer had no intention of arresting the lady but was ordered to do so by her sergeant. Her only other choice would have been to disobey an order, which would have been insubordination. The NAPD policy states that once an arrest has been made, that person must be handcuffed.

The officer followed orders and departmental procedure to the letter, and now she is being allowed by her captain to be demonized by The Chronicle, the management of Hamrick's (whose store policy resulted in the arrest), and the general public.

Please get your facts straight and correct the wrong that has been done to a good police officer.

Donny Cooper, Belvedere, S.C.


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