Originally created 10/09/01

Are we different from Taliban?

Over the last three weeks, many Muslims and Sikhs in our country have been attacked and some were killed, even though they were innocent guests or American citizens. These people were assaulted due to their looks alone.

The imbeciles who made these dastardly attacks are a prime example of people many letters have been written about - thoughtless, witless humans with little or no concept of the foundations of our country. These nitwits need to be arrested and the appropriate sentences meted out ...

Since no one has answered my letter of Sept. 1, let me put these truths on the record. The black Muslim hate-monger is no different from others who have beaten and/or killed humans in the name of Christ or for racial reasons. Black kids are taught the same lessons in their homes, churches and "on the street" as all other kids.

We want to condemn the Taliban and other extremist groups for teaching their children the "glories" of jihad; how to hurt and/or kill other humans in the name of Allah. How can this be when we teach our own kids to hate people because they're different?

The only difference between us and the Taliban is a matter of extreme. We need to get back to the foot of the cross and find there the real meaning of being followers of Christ.

Richard A. Hood, Augusta

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