Originally created 10/09/01

Terror and violence in our own cities must be fought

As our country begins the long journey to challenge and eliminate those who cause terror and violence upon our world population, let us not forget the terror and violence that operates within our own cities.

All of us have become tolerant and consider daily shootings, stabbings, robberies, human abuse and the killing of innocent people now a conditional standard for living in an open and free society.

We pay our taxes and have law enforcement to help contain violence and prosecute those who perform these acts, but how committed are we as a country and community to stopping terror and violence in our own cities?

Our state, county, and city leaders should take the same initiative and adopt the new guidelines that our nation is now implementing with foreign terrorists. We will no longer tolerate these acts of violence in our local communities.

It will take more than law enforcement to stop community violence. It will require from each of us long-term commitment, sacrifice, caring for others, financial support and personal involvement to unite a community movement to combat the harsh acts associated with violence.

Our personal choices are simple. We can continue to hide our true feelings about community violence and do nothing or we can all be accountable and take on the challenge. Each of us has some form of personal contribution that we can make to this cause ...

R.D. Smith, Augusta

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