Originally created 10/07/01

Too complacent

Some say life is but a circle. Some liken it to motions of a pendulum.

We don't need the intellect of a Socrates or Plato to discern the direction the pendulum is now headed.

We Americans chose to stay seated instead of standing up after numerous offensive terrorist acts were inflicted on our people. One can only guess as to why we did little or nothing despite the number of body bags. Perhaps because it was not happening in our backyard. Procrastination has contributed greatly to us seeing it now in our front yard.

Although words are the necessary conduit of all verbal communication, they now seem terribly inadequate at this juncture in American history. It's obvious that we Americans have become grossly complacent...

Like everyone, I don't know what the future holds. Unlike everyone else, I know who holds the future. Those who deny God must likewise deny the evidence of miracles we see around us every day.

Andy Chandler, Augusta

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