Originally created 10/07/01

Officers need to use some common sense

I am furious over the mindless actions of the North Augusta Police Department for their treatment of a 93-pound, 78-year-old lady who unwittingly used a counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase.

Why in the world didn't the police officer ask the lady to wait in the department store while they contacted their superiors who, in turn, could contact the bank that unknowingly gave her the $20 bill?

This could have been done in less than an hour and would have prevented the enormous humiliation for this lady. Was she such a threat to our society that she had to be handcuffed, hauled off to the police station, booked, fingerprinted and photographed? I think not - I know not.

Our police departments need to include compassion and common sense in their training programs.

Anne Cook, Augusta


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