Originally created 10/06/01

The real air show

The Boshears Skyfest air show will go on - but it won't be this year. The organizers looked at the national situation last month and correctly deduced that people didn't want a few dozen aircraft from around the country coming in for a landing at Daniel Field.

Also, the Federal Aviation Administration put the lid on all air shows after the horrendous events of Sept. 11. That's fine, because the memories of that day are still too raw to make an air show an enjoyable event.

People look forward to the day when they can look up at a plane in the sky and not flinch; with more terrorist attacks being called a real a possibility by Washington officials, Boshears was just another Sept. 11 casualty.

Although the show, planned for Sept. 20, is on the scrap heap for this year, its demise has given hope to those urbane intellectuals who say "the age of irony is over." How's this for irony? This year's show was to be a salute to the 10-year anniversary of the Gulf War, and was to have a heavy military theme.

Another "air show" with a military theme will start soon enough - this time over the skies of Afghanistan.


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