Originally created 10/06/01

Are super stores backing terrorist nations?

In the past year,several stores pulled Maurice Bessinger's barbecue sauce from their shelves because he was flying the Confederate flag and distributing literature at his restaurant that some people found offensive.

However, I was in one of those local "super stores" recently and found clothes in the women's and men's department that were made in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan - two countries that foster terrorism. These countries have said they will now support the U.S. in the fight against terrorism, but they have pledged support in the past which never materialized.

What is happening, however, is the people of these countries are staging violent anti-American protests - burning the American flag and effigies of President Bush and calling for a "holy war" against us.

Why haven't these stores pulled items from known terrorist-supporting countries from their shelves?

What these countries are trying to do to America is far more offensive to me than anything Maurice Bessinger has ever done. If they don't pull the items from these countries out of their stores, then they are supporting the very people who want to kill us ...

Sherron Glover, Trenton, S.C.


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