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Rodman wants to make another comeback

LOS ANGELES -- At age 40, seven-time NBA rebounding champion Dennis Rodman is attempting to make another comeback.

"Absolutely, absolutely," Rodman said when asked by Jim Rome on "The Last Word," aired by Fox Sports Net on Friday night, if he'll be an NBA uniform somewhere in the near future.

Rodman, who played on championship teams in Chicago with Michael Jordan from 1996-98, said he's spoken "a couple times" with Jordan about possibly coming back with the Washington Wizards, as Jordan is doing.

"I've talked to a couple teams," said Rodman, who hasn't played in the NBA since the Dallas Mavericks released him after 13 games late in the 1999-00 season. "Indiana is really interested right now. So hopefully next week, I'll get the call, or tomorrow, and I'll go back and give it hell."

When asked if he could stay focused and interested enough to play for an entire year, Rodman replied: "Absolutely. That's not a problem. The deal is though, when people start talking to people, things start getting around the league that 'Dennis is a problem child.' Just like the Lakers did to me."

Rodman played in 23 games for the Lakers before being released late in the 1998-99 season. Before that, he played seven seasons with the Detroit Pistons, two with the San Antonio Spurs and three with the Bulls.

He was a member of two championship teams in Detroit, where one of his teammates was current Pacers coach Isaiah Thomas.

When asked whether he'd rather be with Jordan or Thomas, Rodman said: "If I was with Michael Jordan, it would be good for me, just because of the fame and the money and stuff like that. If I go to Indiana, same thing. I can be popular because I'm with Reggie Miller and Isaiah and those guys. So, it doesn't really matter to me at this point."


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