Originally created 09/25/01

Tighten economic noose

A piece of advice from the Nixon-Watergate scandal applies: "Follow the money."

The war against terrorism began with a flourish of a pen, when George W. Bush signed an executive order to freeze all the U.S. funds linked to 27 terrorist organizations or individuals. The administration is asking other countries to do the same, and said this was just a start - other groups will be added to the list. This effort will only be successful if a majority of countries cooperate fully, and those who don't should be presumed to be aiding terrorism and be treated as pariahs.

The order begins a multipronged attack on terrorism that first starts with funding.

This is a new kind of war, to be fought economically and - in swat-team style - fought with strange global alliances. It will be fought both on diplomatic fronts and with troops. It will be unlike any war we have ever witnessed.

As Secretary of State Colin Powell said, "Let's not assume there will be a large-scale war. I don't know that we should even consider a large-scale war of the conventional type."

Terrorism has redefined war, and our nation's top officials are showing praiseworthy leadership by adapting to new conditions.


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