Originally created 09/25/01

Major local event ignored Sept. 11

We all know about the national tragedy that befell our nation Sept. 11. We now see the best of our people being brought out by such an event. Not covered by any media are the actions of our community, even in times when such an event is not currently in the news.

Not covered by any media was an intense training session of forensic identification specialists opening in Augusta at the very time the World Trade Center was being attacked.

Without fanfare, publicity, or thought of personal gain, our opening ceremonies were introduced by the students of the Academy of Richmond County. All the encouragement needed was a visit to the principal, David Smith.

Just a few minutes before disaster struck our nation, the JROTC Honor Guard under the direction of Maj. Luther Price presented the national and state colors.

Following the presentation of colors, a vocal salute was given by a chorus from the music department under the direction of Mollie Baldwin. Both were rendered with a degree of expertise and professionalism normally associated with individuals and groups far beyond the ages of high school students.

It is important to us that our educators and students think enough of their law enforcement community to render such honors, not only in a crisis situation, but in "normal" times as well.

Well done, Richmond Academy. May you serve your community and nation in the manner demonstrated on that fateful day.

Duane R. Christenson, Augusta


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