Originally created 09/25/01

Miller's 'bomb 'em' remark rejected; restraint urged

"I say, bomb the hell out of them. If there's collateral damage, so be it."- Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., in the Sept. 14 Chronicle.

In other words, if we have to kill innocent men, women and children, so be it.

The whole world has watched America's firefighters and police and public officials give their lives trying to save people in collapsing buildings, and has seen the patience and courage of those searching for survivors.

We must now choose whether to sink into the blind rage of the terrorists who caused this tragedy, or to rise up to the heroism and self-control we have seen on television recently.

We can hunt for the facts, find out the identity and location of those who helped these criminals, and strike them down justly and rightly. But we cannot lash out in mindless rage, killing even women and children in "collateral damage."

If there is any country on Earth where women have no influence on government, it is Afghanistan. Thus, it would be ironic indeed if we made Afghan women pay with their lives for the murderous political acts of their men.

The current tragedy has brought America worldwide respect, admiration, and sympathy instead of the usual envy of our riches and power. Other nations have wept with us, prayed with us, even sung our national anthem.

We cannot now cast all that away by adopting the ethics of the terrorists who attacked us. To do so will turn the world's admiration into contempt and will drive many people into the very movement we are trying to abolish.

Roy C. DeLamotte, Augusta

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