Originally created 09/24/01

Islam teaches peace, condemns terrorism

Tragic events have occurred that will forever change our lives and the way we think, no matter how old we are. Those who have been involved in this terrorist act should be punished.

However, in the midst of all this evil, we should realize that there is still good. Millions of people are sacrificing their time and energy to help America come through this crisis. Instead of sitting and watching all this happen, people are assisting in any way they can, from volunteer firefighters to blood donors. Out of this calamity comes stories of bravery, courage, spirit and heroism.

Across the nation, however, some people are taking out their anger on innocent people. People should know that Islam condemns these acts of terrorism and is strongly against it. In fact, Muslims believe that if you take the life of an innocent person, you cannot enter heaven.

In addition, if Osama bin Laden is responsible for this horrendous act, people should know that he is a radical Muslim. Remember that there are radicals in every religion and don't judge these people as the whole group of the religion. Islam encourages peace, not violence.

Sana Hashmi, (Age 14), Martinez, Ga.


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