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Readers discuss ways to deal with terrorists' threat

The cowardly acts of terrorism on Sept. 11 have raised the level of patriotism in America and the perpetrators should be caught and punished. However, President Bush's pledge to "rid the world of evildoers" is a purely unachievable political commitment.

The Bible records the first act of evil when Cain murdered his brother, Abel, and since then evildoers have been a part of the history of man. Evildoers will be here until the Lord Jesus Christ returns.

Does President Bush mean we will also root out American terrorists such as para-militia groups, Aryan Nation groups, the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacist hate groups? Will we attack Northern Ireland to rid them of IRA terrorists? Will we bomb Palestine and Syria?

If our leaders decide to send massive ground troops (God forbid) into Afghanistan, we better start raising money now to build the Afghanistan War Memorial Wall similar to the Vietnam War Memorial Wall.

As military reservists are activated, will such congressmen as Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., be called up?

A massive outpouring of people are attending prayer meetings and giving blood. When the excitement wears down, will these people attend church and give blood regularly?

Congress should repeal Bush's irresponsible tax cut and ask all Americans to return their rebate checks. If not, Bush will raid the Social Security trust fund and cast our nation back into deficit spending. I pray that our leaders will act responsibly and not follow the tragic road of Vietnam.

Paul L. Cook, Augusta


In our former times of peace, we have taken our freedoms for granted. We have not anticipated war. We were mistaken in our paradigms of black and white, us versus them, the rest of the world.

The world's problems finally sought us out as we should have sought them. We have not been diligent enough to educate ourselves about world cultures, to see ourselves as they see us.

If we are to succeed in regaining domestic peace and preventing further chaos, we must get to know our enemy better, as they so intimately came to know us. To see the world through our eyes alone could be our peril.

We cannot displace ourselves through our geography and ignorance any longer. We must recompense our leadership position with careful strategy and thorough resolution.

The world expects us to execute hallmark courage into the 21st century. This century, we must calculate a smart, final solution for evil and fanaticism itself. For justice's sake, let us not fail. This is not only a problem for the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the U.S. Department of Defense. Our country's security and domestic accord is every citizen's responsibility.

Carrie Johanna Thomas, Augusta


Like most people, I was horrified by the terrorist attacks. Throughout the day I was in tears, asking myself why this happened. I keep telling myself that it's just a dream, that this isn't real, and everything will be OK.

As Americans, we are the greatest. We won't let this destroy our country. Many countries want to be like us. God has given us something nobody can take away. We will fight for our people, we will keep our dream.

Sandra Samuels, Martinez, Ga.


I am writing to express my disgust that we must blame ourselves for contributing to the terrorists being able to do what has happened here in the United States.

Most of the working people in the United States do not do their jobs to their full capacity which is really sad. Had we been able to do the job of enforcing strict security at all airports throughout the nation, this may not have happened.

Even when going to a fast food restaurant, do you ever get what you pay for? No. They often get your order mixed up with someone else's. And it's all because most American's are lazy as far as doing their job.

All they care about is getting that check on Friday afternoon. You hardly ever see someone going out of their way or going the extra mile to get some satisfaction out of their job.

It's very sad the way this country is. It takes a tragedy such as what has happened here to actually see what has been going on and what needs to be done to ensure a trusting and peaceful place to live.

What ultimately gets me about this whole thing is that prior to this, airports allowed small knives onto these planes. What idiot let this happen? Correct me if I am wrong but isn't a knife a deadly weapon when put in the wrong hands? All a person has to do is hold this little weapon to someone's neck.

I have absolutely no sympathy for these airlines. It is their responsibility to provide the utmost security and comfort to the travelers. After all, we pay a lot of money for a flight on a plane. It's all about money.

Steve Simmons, Martinez, Ga.


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