Originally created 09/02/01

Star performance

The Augusta Marshal's Department jumped through all the hoops to gain certification from the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program last month. The award follows an audit of policies, procedures and paperwork being done by our local marshal's office, and deserves notice especially because, according to Marshal Steve Smith, it's the first marshal's office in the state to receive such accreditation.

It has some practical benefits - agencies that have certification fare better during lawsuits because a peer-review process has gone through their departments with a fine-tooth comb, making sure they are following their policy manual, interviewing deputies to find out how they would handle certain situations and digging through their files.

That the quest for certification came during the first year when the office of the marshal is an elected position is not merely coincidental, but we still salute Marshal Steve Smith for making the effort to meet the 104 standards required for accreditation.


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