Originally created 09/02/01

Disney theme ripe for Summerville

Summerville does not have to wait 10 years to look like Disney World. It appears the community already is led by a Mickey Mouse band that blows more smoke than Aladdin's Lamp.

The Summerville board seems to spend the majority of its days traveling between fantasyland and "hysteriaville," so a monorail should be helpful during the daily commute.

So far, the three little pigs have not been able to stop the wolf from blowing down their beloved gatehouse (even though it was made of brick). Perhaps snappier bumper stickers, additional letters to the editor and more board members armed with tape measures will force the university to stop in its tracks and finally see the light - maybe even return itself to an arsenal.

Just keep up the good work. You are doing a stunning job so far, Goofy.

Karen Riles, Aiken, S.C.

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