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'Chronicle' unveils new online archive

An Aiken man was shot dead in his brother's home, the governor worried over the cotton crisis and "ice-cold" Coca-Cola was free at the bottling plant. Seventy years ago, Augustans read about it in The Augusta Chronicle.

Come Tuesday, so can you.

At 9 a.m. Tuesday, people around the globe will be able to research and read articles that ran in "The South's Oldest Newspaper" when it wasn't so old. With augustaarchives.com, The Chronicle will become the only newspaper with its complete archives accessible on the Web, General Manager Julian Miller said.

"There are other companies professing to do this, but we have not found any that have actually done it yet," Mr. Miller said. "To our knowledge, we are the first."

On Tuesday, newspapers dating back to 1918 will be available. The entire archive should be running by Nov. 1, Mr. Miller said.

Unlike other newspaper Web sites, augustaarchives.com will provide access to the newspaper's complete content: every story, photo and advertisement available since the paper began publishing in 1785.

The project, which has been more than two years in the making, was the brainchild of Chronicle Librarian Rhonda Hollimon.

The service will be subscription-based. Fees, payable by credit card, will allow access for a day, week, month or year. Any part of the newspaper that contains text can be searched.

"What it actually does is present you with a digitized version of the actual page," Mr. Miller said.

The service is expected to be a boon to historians and genealogists, said Chronicle New Media Director Conan Gallaty.

"You go back to that day in November 1963, and you can read the responses of the people on Broad Street as the reporter tells them the president has been killed," Mr. Gallaty said.

"It shows you the power of the newspaper, how it can capture history throughout time."

On the Web: www.augustaarchives.com


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