Originally created 08/12/01

Book-burners blessed by God

Because one has taken it upon himself to determine that the church group in Aiken took it upon themselves to determine what are wanton and wayward books, I want to take it upon myself to write.

The Word of God has wisdom showing what God loves and abhors. When one gets this godly wisdom, he gets discernment. Unburned wanton and wayward books might get read. Without intervention, this leads to wayward thoughts, actions, habits, motives, character, and destiny (of destruction). There is junk food for the mind. Then there is worse.

One needs to be more careful about what one is fed spiritually than physically. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Hearing and seeing, or reading, whatever is lovely, pure, and excellent...

Ordinarily, it is neat and thrifty to put items that are no longer wanted in a yard sale. However, it is informed, caring, and wise to destroy items that would pollute another mind. Those Aiken book-burners are blessed.

As for the use of fire: "But God has commanded the present heaven and earth to remain until the day of judgment. Then they will be set on fire, and ungodly ... will be destroyed. He loves, therefore, He forewarns, giving time to repent."

Shirley McBurney, Augusta, Ga.

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