Originally created 08/12/01

Some homeowners support the Cedar Creek lawsuit

As a Cedar Creek homeowner in Aiken, I would like to commend The Chronicle on your fact-based articles regarding the recently filed class action suit.

Non-disclosure of five percent of construction costs as a marketing/referral fee is against the law. Many of us homeowners were never told about this fee.

Although it doesn't matter to some that the cost of their home was unlawfully inflated by five percent, it does matter to the rest of us.

Contrary to those who oppose the suit, there are a number of homeowners who favor this class action suit and were definitely coerced by the developer and/or a select group of homeowners into signing a so-called legally binding document.

My thanks to the plaintiffs who have the courage to pursue this action, in spite of verbal threats and misinformation.

Bill Carocci, Aiken, S.C.


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