Originally created 08/12/01

Double standard, racism and NAACP

I read with interest an article in The Chronicle that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is going to be invited to the next racial unity luncheon given by the mayor.

The grand jury has already determined that black racism, not white racism, is the problem. Four whites and one black firefighter have sued the county for reverse discrimination and harassment.

The black firefighter claims he was demoted to the lowest rank from lieutenant because he testified before the grand jury that former Fire Chief Ronnie Few gave blacks copies of the promotion test and the answers in order to defraud whites of their promotions.

This is a federal crime because black supervisors are working to deprive these individuals of their civil rights. If the NAACP is going to be invited to the luncheon, then it is only fair for the Ku Klux Klan to also be invited. After all, the two organizations are mirror images of each other. The very name NAACP is racist because its stated goal and agenda is the advancement of only "colored" people.

I support neither the KKK nor the NAACP. The point I am trying to make is that the government needs to stop being hypocritical and should denounce the NAACP for the racist organization that it is. The message being sent is that black racism is acceptable and white racism is not. Both are equally evil and you need not expect conditions to change until black racism is publicly denounced.

Most whites are not so stupid that they do not recognize this double standard. It is no accident that the population of Richmond County has decreased. Whites are fleeing and taking their tax base with them.

Eugene Morris, Martinez, Ga.


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