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Brunswick police seek link to slaying

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Brunswick police say they are looking for a link between a fatal home invasion in Glynn County and similar robbery attacks in Savannah.

A Glynn County man was fatally shot Friday as four masked men burst into his home and his girlfriend hid with a baby nearby.

Frederick B. Taylor, 30, was shot twice about 1 a.m. while in the master bedroom of his home on Old Cypress Mill Road, said 1st Lt. Jack Boyet of the Glynn County Police Department.

His 25-year-old girlfriend was in the bedroom but was not injured by the four men. Also in the house and unhurt were two girls, one 8 years old and the other an infant, Lt. Boyet said.

"When the intruders broke in, the lady snatched up the baby from her bassinet in their bedroom and hid with her under the bed. She did not see the actual killing," Lt. Boyet said. "The older little girl was sleeping in her own bedroom nearby when the attack occurred and did not witness it."

Two Glynn County police investigators went to Savannah tracking down leads in the slaying, which is the first homicide of the year in Glynn County.

"We are investigating the possibility that it is linked to about 10 to 12 home invasions that have occurred in Savannah over the past couple of weeks," Lt. Boyet said.

Savannah Police Department detectives investigating those home invasions would not comment. Nor was any other information available about the attacks, police officials said.

Lt. Boyet said Mr. Taylor had gunshot wounds to the upper body and to one hand. Detectives would not identify the weapon used because, they said, releasing that information could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

County Coroner Jimmy Durden said Mr. Taylor was pronounced dead at 1:56 a.m. by emergency room doctors at Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center. An autopsy was conducted at the state crime laboratory near Atlanta but results weren't expected to be available until Monday, Mr. Durden said.

Lt. Boyet said Mr. Taylor and his girlfriend were in the bedroom when four men wearing masks and dark clothing kicked in the front door of the home. The woman told investigators that she saw only one of the intruders carrying a weapon.

"They forced their way into the house and demanded money. Mr. Taylor then was shot and the intruders fled," Lt. Boyet said. "The motive was robbery, but so far nothing has been discovered missing from the home."

Relatives and friends gathered this weekend to mourn Mr. Taylor at his ranch-style home where colorful flower garlands adorn the door a few yards away from a home security system warning sign in the front yard.

Those gathered declined to comment about the shooting. Mr. Taylor had lived in the home for about three years, police said.


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