Originally created 08/11/01

God is not needed in the classroom but tough, immediate discipline is

Important points that James Ellis (July 13 letter) and others need to bear in mind when deciding what's good for other people:

Not everyone is Christian. I need only point out Taliban-ruled Afghanistan as an example of what happens when the government mandates a belief system. I personally don't want or need this ethereal baby-sitter to make moral decisions.

Christianity does not equal good. I say that under the general assumption that torture and murder are not "good." Millions have experienced both in the name of Christ over the last thousand years. That's not even counting hatred and persecution of gays and non-whites that still continues today ... in this country ... in Christ's name. Emphasizing "multi-racial" as being a bad characteristic in his letter underscores my point.

Someone who is not Christian is not automatically "anti-God." Is Mr. Ellis "anti-ancestor" because he doesn't practice Shinto? "Anti-Earth" because he's not a Druid?

The Romans converted a long time ago. Get rid of the persecution complex already. There are far too many factors that need attention in fixing our education system for me to list.

Returning God to our classrooms is not one of them. I do agree, though, that tough and immediate discipline is.

Chris Llamas, Augusta, Ga.

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