Originally created 07/30/01

Legal system an asset to Augusta

I congratulate Ronnie Strength on the job he is doing as sheriff of Augusta. He has had to overcome budget cuts and dismiss several officers, in addition to keeping our streets safe with all that has been thrown at him. He has done a tremendous job stepping into the job behind Charlie Webster.

Mr. Webster was the best sheriff Augusta ever had, and now I see that Mr. Strength is also going to be excellent. I think he deserves a pat on the back from the community.

The commissioners have really lost the sense of the public needs for Augusta. Mayor Bob Young needs to realize that Augusta has been spiraling down hill for the last few years.

I would also like to say that outside of Augusta's commissioners, we have a lot for which to be thankful:

Sheriff Strength and the job he does, despite all of the cutbacks he has to endure.

District Attorney Danny Craig, whose daughter's recovery we all pray for. He is truly a man who's devoted to his job and our citizens.

The judges we have do an excellent job by making right and fair decisions when sentencing criminals. They all seem to be extremely wise in their sentencing duties. Not every criminal deserves to be jailed, but those who do are sentenced accordingly by our judges.

We are lucky to have devoted lawmakers, providers, and prosecutors. The tri-county community is served well by our justice department. I would like to thank everyone involved in our legal system.

S. Crook, Waynesboro, G.A.


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