Originally created 07/30/01

Writer's grandfather was no traitor

I've burned ever since R. Lopes' Feb. 27 letter to the editor called my grandfather a traitor because he fought for our state to secede from the union. I guess that also makes my great-great-grandfather, who fought the British so this country could secede from Great Britain, a traitor.

Well, where were Mr. Lopes' forbearers in the 1860s? Were they in this country in 1776?

By his reasoning, Mexico, Central America and all of South America seceded from their mother country, so I guess those countries are traitorous, too - including Cuba.

In a May 14 letter to the editor, Robert "Tunk" Martin complained how awful it is for an African-American to live under white rule. I have a suggestion for him: Go visit black-ruled Africa and see how they are doing. He should take some food and medicine with him.

However he might like living in Denmark, S.C., which is black ruled. When the black rulers came to power, I understand the city had a $600,000 surplus. Now they are over $600,000 in the red and can't pay their bills.

James V. Parker, North Augusta, S.C.


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